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Holiday Homes on Phillip Island - are we reaching our potential?

Chicory Kiln - Phillip Island Tourist Road

I've been involved with holiday homes on Phillip Island for the last 5 years. In this time, I have come to understand that the owners perceptions of their rental investments differ greatly from those in other holiday destinations such as Sorrento, Lorne, Torquay and Daylesford to name only a couple of places.

Our island has a population of about 10 thousand although during the peak summer time, that can swell to as many as 120 thousand.

We have 3.5million tourists visit each year. The opportunity for investment here is huge, but it is so under valued by those that do invest with a kind of 'good enough is good enough' attitude.

Maybe this is because the people that do invest, do so with their budget spent in purchasing the property, maybe it is because they don't understand what it takes to make a successful holiday home or maybe it's because they are just happy to be on-par with the majority of others here. Maybe it's because there's always the concern of damage by guests or even because owners just aren't sure of where to begin.

It is my personal opinion that Phillip Island has the potential to be a luxurious getaway and not just a beach shack/caravan park destination. We are in an amazing wildlife zone - one of our biggest attractions is the Fairy Penguins but we have so much more to offer - there's the seals, the whales, the koalas... we have an abundance of local birdlife, one of my favourites being the Cape Barren Goose.

We have the Superbikes, the MotoGP, Surfing classics, classic cars.... Who wouldn't want to come and stay and enjoy everything the island has to offer!

Tourism is the mainstay of the economy here and provides a living for many families from being a shop owner to garden maintenance to housekeeping. It is a beautiful place to visit and a beautiful place to live. It is diverse from quiet family beaches in Cowes to wild coastline and brilliant surfing on the surf side. There really is something for everyone!

Follow my upcoming blog pieces on some simple steps to improving the presence of your holiday home on the island or contact me (Jo) on 0400 1200 56 to see what I can do to help.

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