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Bathrooms - be Beautiful not Boring!

I have a client whose holiday rental property presented really well, but due to circumstances out of her control, she needed to have both the main bathroom and the ensuite bathroom re-done to deal with leaking shower bases.

As we were having to rip out the main part of both bathrooms anyway, we took the opportunity to upgrade both bathrooms from standard ho-humness to something a little bit special. Our reasoning being that if we had to pay for a tiler and tiles anyway, why not invest what turned out to be only a couple of hundred more to have a quality tile selection in an eye catching detail.


Many investors overlook the importance of bathrooms in a holiday rental and the power that a good or great bathroom can have on a guests' experience.

You could have a very nice property but if the bathroom lets you down, it lets down the whole property. That being said, it doesn't mean that you need to suddenly go and rip out bathrooms and completely renovate them!! It may be that you could give them a lift with small things such as putting in a feature tile......

Copper tile sheet from Elegance Tiles

This beauty is simply stunning - and it is totally on the $$$$ end of the scale - you could however buy only 1 sheet and use the tiles to install a simple border - big effect:small dollars!

Even if you have a $0 renovating budget - there are things that you can do to provide a lovely bathroom for your guests - things that will go a long way to having positive reviews and the ultimate goal: repeat business!

Think about what you would like in your bathroom at home - do you have a hand towel and a bathmat? Many holiday homes on the island do not provide bath mats and hand towels to guests that haven't hired linen. This is disappointing and lets be honest - if you knew you had to bring your own sheets and towels, would you think to pack bath mats and hand towels?

In many cases, owners that do provide them, provide a quality straight out of Dimmey's or Coles - while certainly satisfactory and definitely better than none at all - if you are trying to create interest in your property, trying to present a premium getaway or trying to encourage repeat business, do you think that is the way to go?

** Tip** Buy quality - believe it or not, there's are reason you pay more for quality - and generally it is because it lasts!! The edges don't fray in 10 minutes, They don't become paper thin in less than a dozen washes!!

Choose a beautiful hand wash and / or reed sticks to add a little touch of luxury for your guests.....

Scented candles go a long way to speaking beautiful in a bathroom!

If you are interested in booking a holiday at Banyanda.....

contact Robyn Hale on 0419 304 499

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