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Why do I need an Interior Designer?

Maybe you have a busy lifestyle - balancing family, work and home life...

Maybe you are overwhelmed with ideas...

Maybe you are unsure of what design style best suits your lifestyle...

Maybe you know what you want, but you're unsure of where to start...

I can help you 

  • define your personal style

  • combine your ideas into a cohesive design

  • find 'out of the box' solutions to things such as storage and best use of the space

  • avoid costly mistakes

Brinnie T Design can put together a comprehensive design that ensures a cohesive look for your space that meets your needs

Is working with an Interior Designer affordable?


In fact, working with an Interior Designer can actually save you money in the long run - not to mention time and frustration.


Working with Brinnie T Design means that you not only hire a creative talent, but you have access to a wealth of knowledge and trade/supplier relationships that all come together to produce the best result possible.

I can help you understand where to splurge and where to save ensuring that you get the best 'bang for your buck'

Do I need to prepare for an Initial Consultation?

In order to get the most out of an initial consultation, I advise all clients to prepare a 'Design File' before the day.

This can be pages from design books or magazines, a Pinterest board, or a Houzz board...  make notes as well .. "I love this style but not the colour".... "I love the colour but something more modern"... anything that helps me see what you are visualising for your project.

It is also helpful if you have in mind a potential start/finish date for your project and a budget - even if it's just a ball park figure.

Be honest with your designer - if you have a maximum budget or time constraints - now is the time to let me know - this will help me to ensure that I can meet your needs or let you know at the outset that your dreams may not be achievable on the budget...

The best client/designer relationships start with open and honest communication.

Hiring an Interior Designer... how does it work?

All designers work differently but with Brinnie T - the process is simple:

Firstly we have an initial consultation which helps me understand what you want to achieve.  In this meeting, I sit with you in your home/business and speak with you about specific needs or desires for your interior design or construction project. 

No actual designing is done in this meeting - just an evaluation of the project scope, your particular needs and timing/budget etc plus a conversation about other ideas or suggestions I may have to enhance your outcomes.

I always follow up this consultation with a report outlining our discussions and suggestions in a way that would allow you to proceed with the project yourself if desired.   

At this point, I am able to provide you a quotation of my fees moving forward dependant on the scope of the project. 


For a decoration only project, there is one set fee plus purchases.


For a construction project, we start with a draft design stage with a set fee, then move onto final design & pricing which is again a set fee plus purchases and quotations for trades.  I then oversee the entire build through to completion for a set fee.

This way, you will always know what you are committing to by hiring Brinnie T Design.

As my relationships with clients are paramount, I am always available for questions and advice throughout the project and after completion.

Do we have to make our purchases through you?


You are welcome to make purchases on your own. 


Most clients choose to purchase through Brinnie T Design as helps to ensure a cohesive look throughout the space.  

Supporting local business is a vital part of a regional community and I will buy local where possible, however, if I can get a better product or price from a larger business or supplier, I will do so to ensure that you are getting the best value possible.

I will also choose sustainable and/or ethical choices where possible if the price point is right.

Do you work with subcontractors or do I need to find my own?


Brinnie T Design has a close network of trades who I work with regularly and have strong relationships with.

Again, this is important in a regional community however as I work with these trades regularly on various projects, our relationships are your gain...

a) I know the quality of workmanship these trades provide

b) We understand how to work together cohesively

c) Regular projects means better pricing for you

** Whilst I arrange the quotation of work on your behalf, all contracts with trades will be direct between the trade and the client.

If you already have a contractor/trade that you are wanting to engage, or already work with, that is no problem!  Brinnie T Design is more than happy to work with any builder, general contractor or any other trade as required.

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