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Accessible Design

At Brinnie T Design, we redefine what it means to create spaces that cater to everyone's unique needs. As the driving force behind our practice, Principal Jo Viney passionately believes in treating each individual as a distinct design client, transcending the boundaries of generalized disability-specific design. Here at Brinnie T, we firmly stand by the principle that one's identity is not defined by their disabilities, and this philosophy underpins our entire approach.

In our pursuit of Disability Inclusive Design, we seamlessly blend the realms of physical necessity and personal aesthetics. Recognizing the interconnectedness of physical and emotional well-being, we understand that a home should not only cater to functional requirements but also serve as a haven that resonates with your individual style. We pride ourselves on being able to strike a balance between spaces that exude a sense of comfort and familiarity, steering clear of the clinical and medical facility aesthetics that often accompany disability-focused design.

Our approach is founded on collaboration—a true partnership between you, our dedicated design team, and the invaluable insights of Occupational Therapists. By working closely together, we ensure that every facet of your needs and aspirations is considered. The outcome? Designs that don't merely accommodate, but celebrate your unique identity.

Jo Viney's personal journey, shaped by her role as a single mother of two teenagers with ASD, has imbued her with a profound understanding of the importance of inclusive spaces. From her exploration of design for Autism emerged a realization that we're all individuals, irrespective of labels or diagnoses. It's this revelation that fuels Brinnie T's commitment to crafting designs that are authentically tailored to you.

Join us in reimagining design as an avenue for self-expression, empowerment, and inclusivity. At Brinnie T Design, we're not just creating spaces; we're fostering a sense of belonging and individuality.

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