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Terms & Conditions

By engaging Brinnie T Design (BTD) to assist you in your design / decorating project, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the following.  

If you have questions about any of these, please contact me. 


*Any request to change or delete any of these terms must be addressed in writing and any confirmation of acceptance to amend must also be in writing.

1) Social Media

BTD reserves the right to use any/all photographs taken during the course of the project (from inception to completion) for use in social and other electronic media ie website, Houzz, Instagram, Facebook.  The privacy of the owners will be protected in that the names of the clients and the address of the property will not be disclosed.

2) Samples

BTD will endeavour to provide samples for all projects as required ie fabrics, tiles, wallpapers.  Should the supplier charge for the samples, that charge will be passed onto the client.  Paint colours specified may vary in actuality from those shown on a screen.  All paint colours specified will be demonstrated on a painted board prior to installation to ensure acceptance.  Paint boards will be charged at $10 each.

3) Freight

Where freight charges are incurred for goods/products ordered on behalf of a client, that charge will be passed onto the client.

4) Markup

Goods/products purchased on behalf of a client will be charged at Recommended Retail Price (RRP) unless otherwise agreed.  Goods/products purchased on behalf of a client where BTD is required to pay RRP for the goods/products, will be marked up by 10% to cover ordering/handling costs.  Freight charges will be charged at cost where possible or are subject to a 10% markup.

5) Returns

Any goods/products purchased on behalf of a client that are damaged or faulty upon receipt, should be advised to BTD immediately to arrange return/replacement at no additional cost to the client.

Returns due to a 'change of mind' may not be accepted unless agreed in writing and will be subject to a re-stocking fee.

Most goods/products come with a 12 month warranty - any faults of the goods/products during that time should be advised to BTD immediately so that the situation can be rectified.  It is not guaranteed that the same product will still be available but every effort will be taken to replace any faulty goods/products within the first 12 months.

** Please note that actions taken outside of any instructions for the product may void the warranty **

6) Contracted Works

Any work provided by a third party in the execution of a design ie Painter, Builder, Electrician etc may be quoted directly to the client via the designer.  The quotes and/or contracts will be checked by the designer however the contract will be directly between the client and the contractor.

Where trades are quoted to a client by the the designer, the designer will add a 10% handling fee.

When a build project is undertaken for a client, it is the clients' responsibility to ensure that insurance on the property in question is up to date and covers any issues during the build.  If you are unsure that your insurance covers any/all work being completed on site, please contact BTD and your insurance provider.

7) Product Selection

BTD chooses to promote local & ethical minded economies and works to maintain strong relationships with a core list of suppliers.  Products selected generally come from those suppliers with the understanding that prices charged are fair and reasonable for the quality of the product offered.  BTD does not 'Price Match'.  If a client finds a product offered for a cheaper price elsewhere, and they have not yet paid for that product to BTD, it is the clients' prerogative to purchase that product directly.  BTD does not provide goods/products purchased via e-bay.

8) Custom Orders

With the exception of faulty items, custom orders will only be accepted for return at the discretion of the Principal and will be subject to a 40% restocking fee.  Where custom orders are items made as per measurements / specifications supplied by the client and those measurements / specifications are incorrect, BTD will not accept liability.  BTD will however take all reasonable measures to correct these issues with costs to be borne by the client for replacement / rectification. Where measurements / specifications are made by BTD or associated suppliers &/or contractors - the liability will not be borne by the client.

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