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Spotlight on Fiona Kennedy - Art from the Heart

Fiona Kennedy is a local Kongwak artist whose large oil paintings express a symbolic story of life love and inner happiness. Her studio is nestled in the bushy surrounds of the South Gippsland coast and she is a favourite with many Phillip Island Residents.

Lady with Hummingbirds

"Painted a few years ago to represent taking that step forward to creating a different life, and to find what was missing.

The hummingbirds are a symbol in this painting of joy and happiness, helping her with her gown as she walks. They eat nectar from the flowers, reminding us to taste the nectar to life . The white cranes are messengers from the universe, they bring with them a story of hope and love, but to understand the story you must first learn your happiness can only come from you and being your own light.

She walks with her dress through the ocean, connecting herself to all mother nature has created."

Fiona's style is individual and often feature beautiful swirls representing the organic intertwinement of nature and human life. "Her colourful and ethereal works on canvas are vibrant, symbolic and emotional pieces. They capture the ordinary as extraordinary, placing much emphasis on nature and how it all works."

Lady and her Whale

The Butterfly Angel

Fiona's works can be found in local galleries and shops such as Southern Bazaar in Wonthaggi.

To see more or to contact Fiona directly - see or search for her on Facebook or Instagram

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